Ken Rieves is a nationally sought after commercial photographer based in Cleveland, OH. His work includes advertising, product, portrait, and architectural photography. Ken’s clientele consists of national corporations, regional companies, local businesses, as well as families and individuals. As member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers), you can be assured that he strictly adheres to the highest professional standards.

Ken became involved in photography at an early age and quickly moved from shooting with small instant cameras to shooting on medium format film and working in his own darkroom. The whole process of creating a unique image fascinated him and still does. Today, he uses the latest high resolution digital technologies to meet the needs of his clients.

When asked about his favorite part of creating a memorable photograph, he replied “I think it’s the collaboration with my client. I listen to their idea of what they are looking for and then come up with a way to create an image that exceeds their expectations. Every assignment is different and has its own set of challenges. It’s my job to overcome those challenges and to ‘wow’ my client. That’s what makes my job so satisfying.”

When the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (Fort Wayne, Indiana) completed it’s massive remodeling and expansion, Ken’s work was featured in an opening day exhibition. The work featured was a comprehensive documentation of more than a years effort to bring the “new” museum to life. The exhibition, entitled “Expansion”, ran for more than 6 weeks and featured over 100 photographs.