Sunrise… Sunset

Shooting in the Winter in Northeastern Ohio gives you some interesting skies. One reason is that you get interesting weather patterns coming off Lake Erie, but also the latitude means the sun stays a little lower in the sky and creates beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Here are some examples.

Ken Rieves Photography

Sunrise. A new day, a new year. Shot with a Leica M and 50mm Summicron. ©Ken Rieves.

This next shot is quite a contrast to the last one, not just because it’s a sunset rather than a sunrise.

Ken Rieves Photography

Sunset. Shot with a Leica M and 90mm Summicron. ©Ken Rieves.

And finally, a shot from last winter of frozen Lake Erie showing how dramatic the sky appears.

Ken Rieves Photography

Cold Winter Sky. Shot with a Leica M and 35mm Summicron. ©Ken Rieves.

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